The old time religion

Έτος έκδοσης:1902
Copyright:© Public domain

I believe in the old-time religion,
For it saves from all sin here below,
Gives me peace passing all understanding,
While the rivers of pleasure doth flow.

Oh, give me the old-time religion,
Oh, give me the joy I can know;
I believe in the old-time religion,
As our fathers received long ago.

I believe in a heartfelt religion
That brings joy to the soul every day;
The assurance of sins all forgiven,
Through the blood they are all washed away.

I believe in a holy religion,
For the saints of all ages have told
How it saved them from sin and its bondage,
When they heard the sweet story of old.

I believe in the old-time religion,
For we know we are right with our God;
And there’s joy in our hearts as we’re walking
In the paths which our fathers have trod.