The New Jerusalem

Έτος έκδοσης:1911
Copyright:© Public domain

To Jerusalem the new
come the tried and faithful few
back to Zion’s golden glory once again;
Highest praise our tongues employ,
with the everlasting joy,
now a thousand voices swell the glad refrain.

Jerusalem, o Jerusalem,
blessed city where no darkness ever falls;
Jerusalem, o Jerusalem,
joy and peace forever be within thy walls.

Often have we heard of thee,
blessed city of the free;
but our fathers sang thy glory far away,
teaching us that only there,
in that world so bright and fair,
could we hope to see thy blessed golden day.

With thy walls of jasper bright,
sparkling in the radiant light,
blessed city of our God, we come to thee;
Through thy pearly gates ajar
come the ransomed from afar,
hear again the joyful songs of jubilee.

On the trees our harps we hung,
Zion’s songs were left unsung
by the rivers sat we weeping all the day;
Now our harps we tune again,
sing the everlasting strain,
now our mourning, sorrow, sighing flee away.

Now we reach the evening light,
robed in shining garments white,
we return to where the saints of yore have trod;
Flee we now from Babel’s fall,
for we’ve heard the savior’s call
to Jerusalem the living church of God.