Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah

Μουσική - Στίχοι:
Copyright:© M. Clarkson / Henry Smart

Praise the Lord, sing Hallelujah! Children of God’s gracious choice,
let His praises rise as thunder, Let the whole earth hear His voice,
til the song of His salvation Makes His broken world rejoice.

Man’s imprisoning night is shattered At the impact of His Word,
light and life spring forth eternal where that mighty voice is heard,
let the power of death and darkness Own the triumph of our Lord.

Praise the Lord until His glory
floods the farthest realms of earth,
til from every tribe and nation
souls rise up in glad rebirth.
haste the day of His appearing,
when all creatures own His worth.

Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah,
sound His sovereign grace abroad,
til His Word is loved and honored
everywhere man’s feet have trod,
til His ransomed family gathers
safely round the throne of God!