From Bethlehem to Calvary

Copyright:© Lojon Music, Songs for Darshan

You always look for a rhyme or a reason.
You don’t know if you believe in the season.
It’s just another holiday.
Who is this babe whom we give adoration?
He is our Saviour, the Lord of Salvation.
And He is still the same today.

And if your heart condemns you, He is greater than your heart.
And if your life is broken, He can mend the broken parts.
From His Father’s throne in glory to a manger filled with hay
From Bethlehem to Calvary Jesus Christ is still the only way.

Where do you run when you’re tryin’ to hide
all the fear and the feelin’s you’ve locked deep inside?
Must you keep it all within?
Here is the Man who already forgave you.
He has the power to comfort and save you
If you'll only let Him in.