Christ's ambassadors

Έτος έκδοσης:1928
Copyright:© © 1928 by the So. Calif. & Ariz.

We young people march on for Jesus,
We are joined as Christ’s ambassadors
He will lead us, help fight our battles
By His pow’r, and not guns and swords.
Faith our armor, based on the Bible,
By the word of God we’re battling on;
Then the Holy Spirit beareth witness in us:
That’s why we sing as we march on.

We are Christ’s ambassadors;
And our colors we must unfurl,
We must wear a spotless robe,
Clean and righteous before the world.
We must show we’re cleansed form sin;
And that Jesus dwells within.
Proving duly that we’re truly
Christ ambassadors.

We would help the sick, poor and needy;
Tell about the Saviour as we go;
Putting forth the talents He gave us,
All our strength to battle the foe;
Work in love and union together;
Keeping the commandments of our Lord;
Then we claim the promises of God, our Father,
Working for Him with one accord.

We’ll have many hardships in battle,
As we fight against the pow’r of sin.
Satan will be trying to win us,
But the Spirit won’t let him in.
If we plead the blood of our Saviour
Over ev’rything we do and say,
Then we will be overcomers, we’ll be happy,
Christ is the only living way.