Always my friend

Έτος έκδοσης:1918
Copyright:© Public domain

Walking in the pathway which our Savior here hath trod,
Ever in the footsteps of the holy Son of God;
He will never leave me, but will always be my friend;
If I keep his precepts he’ll be with me to the end.

Glory to my Savior’s name, for his love is just the same;
He will never leave me, but will always be my friend.

Other friends may leave me, they may turn me from their door;
I’ll not leave my Savior, I will love him more and more;
He has died to save me, and for him alone I’ll live,
He can truly help me, he’s the greatest friend I have.

Then when life is over, and my work on earth is done,
Christ will still be with me in the setting of the sun,
Take me home to heaven, in that mansion there to stay,
Send the holy angels down to bear my soul away.

There I’ll sing forever with the holy angel band,
Dwell with my Redeemer in that fair and happy land;
I shall then be happy in his presence evermore,
Know no pain or sorrow on that bright eternal shore.