Taylor, Edward G.

Taylor, Edward G. (Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 25, 1830--April 10, 1887, Buffalo, New York). University of Lewisburgh, 1854; Rochester Theological Seminary, 1856. Pastorates at Terre Haute, Indiana, 1857-1860; Cincinnati, Ohio, 1860-1864; Chicago, Illinois, 1864-1870; New Orleans, Louisiana, 1870-1875; Providence, Rhode Island, 1875-1881; New York, 1881-1882; Newark, New Jersey, ?; Buffalo, N.Y., 1885-1887.

Taylor was the author of a large number of hymns for use in Sunday schools. In the Service of Song for Social Meetings (1881) is one of his hymns that begins "Deal kindly with my master," with music by George W. Stebbins. Stebbins also composed music for Taylor's "Not saved are we by trying."

For most of his hymns, Taylor composed the music as well as the words. Among these are the following:

Able to save the uttermost is he All my trust is in Thee, Jesus Arise and be doing, the Lord be with Thee Calleth the Savior in tones of love Glad the ransomed of Jehovah O Lord from thy dwelling place hear our hearts say One thing I know, I was blind but now see Serve the Lord with willing mind Thank God for the Bible, more precious than gold The happy morn has dawned at last Trust him sinner, trust him now Why sit we here until we die Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging

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