Morgan, John Coleman

John Coleman Morgan MD USA 1831-1899. Born in Philadelphia, PA, he attended school and became a drug clerk, then a surgeon’s steward in the U.S. Navy. In 1850 he matriculated to PA Medical University, graduating in 1852, studying medicine and homeopathics. He was appointed professor of Materia Medica at PMU. In 1856 he married Sallie Levick of Philadelphia and relocated to Hamilton, IL, finding insufficient infrastructure to practice his medical discipline. He then moved to St. Louis, MO, where in 1857 he co-founded the Homeopathic Medical College of MO. In 1858 he settled in Alton, IL, and, under mentorship of William T Babb, had a surgeon’s commission with the 29th MO Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. In 1865 he returned to Philadelphia, PA, and took the Chair of Anatomy at the Hahnemannian Institute for Homeopathic Medicine there. From 1867-1875 he was the first faculty surgeon there. In 1875 he left and took a position with the University of Michigan as a professor of Homeopathic Theory and Practice (retaining his Hahnemannian emeritus status while gone). In 1877 he returned to Hahnemannian Institute in Philadelphia and resumed his position there, becoming lecturer of history and instructions In 1886-87. He was a professor of medical instruction 1887-1890, after which he retired to Vineland, NJ. He lived in Millville, and Ocean Grove, NJ, (1898). He edited American Journal of Homeopathic Materia Medica. He died in California.

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