Kvammen, Asulf

Åsulf Kvammen (norwegian christian songwriter) has for many years expressed himself through song, music and songwriting. The melodies are perfect for singing together. Here Kvammen is told how God has influenced his life.

Kvammen's releases consist of self-composed material and translated songs. He has worked with producers / organizers and musicians, both local and outside the county, such as Arnold Børud, Thomas Brekke. The daughter Møyfrid has participated in some of the releases. He also performs with his wife, Ingrid.

Åsulf Kvammen grew up at Åslandsknuten, and later settled in Ganddal. In addition to singing, he plays several instruments, such as trumpet, piano. One of his most famous songs is "Praise from Jæren". He has also composed melodies for the Børud group, such as "God is only good to me".

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