Anderson, George Washington

1816 - 1903

Anderson, George Washington. (Philadelphia, PA, May 15, 1816-July 3, 1903, Rosemont, PA). Baptist. Madison (now Colgate) University, B.A. 1844; Hamilton Theological Seminary, 1846; University of Lewisburgh (Bucknell), D. D. 1869. Ordained 1854. Pastorates at Duchess Co., NY, 1854-1858; Montgomery Co., PA, 1858-1864; Philadelphia, PA, 185?. Author of several works on Baptists and missions. Many contributions to Baptist Quarterly. Editor of Baptist paper, Christian Chronicle. Literary editor of American Baptist Publication Society, 1864. the following hymn on Christian ministry appeared in The Baptist Harp of 1849 and is included in several later collections:

Onward, herald of the gospel, Bear thy tidings through the land;

Another hymn in the same collection begins:

Now let us raise one last sweet song To praise the Lord, our heavenly King;

The second and third stanzas of this praise hymn form a classical trinitarian doxology.

Πρωτότυποι Ύμνοι